Student Spotlight: Jon Babineau


Jonathan Babineau, a Senior finance major from Manchester, NH, is a student of many dynamic talents. You may recognize Jon from the concerts his band plays for a number of AMU events, along with his sister, Alana. He is a talented musician, man of faith, and an incredibly driven and knowledgeable individual. Thankfully, we were able to sit down and ask him a few questions about his professional experiences and what college life has meant to him!

Hi, Jon! Why did you choose to major in Finance?

It’s actually kind of a funny story! My sister and I were playing music at a Starbucks, and after our performance a man approached me and struck up a conversation. Turns out, he was from Boston and, at the time, worked for Nike at their headquarters. He was giving me a lot of advice, which helped me a lot given that I was high school senior. He said, “The number one thing you can do for yourself is to take as many Finance courses as you can, because everything in any for-profit company revolves around money.” Finance is so important in any business because it is what keeps the company afloat, and even in personal finance as well. Through my studies, I have learned how to manage money and live securely despite a certain fixed income, which is an incredible help.

So, what did you do last summer?

Last summer, I interned at a small registered investment advisor firm—commonly known as an RIA firm—called Glenwood Investment Group. I did a lot of fund researching for them and marketing/social media outreach, along with some survey work. I also got to experience some direct client-relations. However, my focus as an intern was managing their CRM, or Client Relations, which meant that it was my duty to input client notes, update client information, and to produce client reports.

It definitely seems like you got a lot of experience in the financial field! Did your previous internship experiences help you decide your career plans post-graduation?

Personally, I made sure to take many different internships so that way I could gain experience in the different aspects of the financial field. I see a lot of internships as “chipping away at the marble,” meaning that it takes certain pre-professional experiences to help guide you on the right career path. For example, I found out what I do and don’t want to do in the future due to my internship experiences, which is certainly invaluable information to have during my studies. Thankfully, my experiences helped me determine what I wanted to do post-graduation, so I believe that it is super important for people to really pursue internships during their college career. Due to my different internships, it provided the necessary foreknowledge in regard to my career plans that only experience can provide.

With this knowledge in mind, where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to be working in a financial firm as a Financial Advisor in Boston, preferably for a larger company. I also see myself working hard to advance in my career and better myself as a person, especially since I’ll still be in the early stages of my professional career. 

What would you say is important to you know, in light of your future aspirations?

Right now, I would say instilling good or productive habits is what I’m focused on. It can be difficult to do so in college, due to a busy class schedule and extracurricular activities, but one thing I really seek to accomplish are forming habits that are good for my health, spiritual life, and even leisure. I want to live a life of intention, meaning that I want to be engaged in every moment of my life and perform every act—even naps!—intentionally. Also, I would say my relationships, whether it be my family, friends, girlfriend, or mentors and professors, I believe that spending quality time with each of them is an investment and something that needs to be emphasized in my life. 

Speaking of extracurricular activities and family, tell us about your musical talents and ventures! Do you have any memorable moments or experiences performing for AMU events?

Music is a great way to be expressive and creative. There is so much a person can communicate through music, whether it’s how they feel or what they believe. I started to really fall in love with music when I began to write and perform songs with my sister, Alana. It became an amazing way to bond with her and the music itself began to flourish due to that bond. My band’s, Chicken Tender Day, performance for All Saints Day is hands-down one of the most rewarding college experiences. It was the last time we performed all together. I remember playing with everyone and thinking, “THESE are the good old days.” Nothing can compare to the feeling of playing a show with your best friends, and performing for your friends. I was, and still am, so blessed to be able to perform on campus and for the AMU community.

What books are you currently reading?

I’m reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and The Education of a Speculator by Victor Niederhoffer. They are super helpful and informative texts that I am definitely keeping on my shelf throughout my career.

Which professors at Ave have made the most impact on your education?

Professor Matthews and Professor Marchetti.

Jon, how would you describe yourself?

I’m always striving to better myself in any way I can. I would describe myself, trait-wise, as passionate, competitive—in the business realm, especially—and creative. Yeah, definitely creative.