Student Spotlight: Emma George

Emma George, a junior Michigan native and Communications major, is going to be a part of the first class to graduate with the newly-introduced major. Her bubbly personality and attention to detail has helped her be an effective and friendly Writing tutor for Student Support Services, as well as a classmate that her peers naturally gravitate towards. She is a lover of literature, cats, tea, and her faith. She describes herself as a person with simple pleasures and one who tries to make the most impact in the littlest ways, as inspired by Saint Therese. We were able to sit down with Emma to find out just how much she is going to change our world.

Hi, Emma! What did you do last summer?

I worked for my family's business in concessions this past summer. I've done so for awhile now, actually! One of the best things about working for my family's business, and mainly the food industry, is the ability to talk to all different kinds of people on a daily basis.


In addition to that, I began working for a brewery, which has an even more sociable and active environment! It was rewarding because I learned to work outside of a family environment and had a more immersive experience in customer service. I definitely grew a lot as a person through working this summer, because both my jobs helped me gain more confidence in my ability to communicate with others.

Did your experiences this summer inspire you to declare the Communications major?

It definitely helped! I was actually a Literature major prior to switching to Communications, and I did so because the major was more in line with what I'm hoping to do career-wise. 

What are your plans post-graduation?

I would love to get involved with Catholic media, especially writing or filming videos for a Catholic website or network like EWTN. I found an amazing Catholic website based in Michigan that I'm hoping to intern for in the future, so I'm sure that experience will provide me with a more certain direction in what I'd like to do after graduation.

Why did you choose to come to Ave? What made you decide that this was the right university for you?

I came to Ave because the people here seemed really great: they were smart, nice, Catholic, but still down-to-earth, and I wanted to be like that. I wanted a Catholic liberal arts school, and Ave had the benefit of being warm! When I came to visit during my senior year of high school, it just felt right.

What do you love about being a student at Ave?  

It is a beautiful place. Walking around in the warm sun and seeing the beautiful plants and statues really lift my mind and spirits. I love how everyone is so passionate about their faith, and how it is integrated into the classes.

What would you say your best character trait is? How has it helped you in your life, especially academically?

I am a very organized person and I like to stay ahead on things. This sometimes means I miss out on fun things to do homework early, and then have free time when everyone else is busy, so I need to be careful to achieve a balance and not overwork myself.

However, this trait has overall made it easier for me to do well in my studies and important work. It also helps me to be much less stressed and be able to enjoy myself when there are events I want to attend.

What things are most important to you now, and why are they important?

Definitely academia, as I always strive to receive the best grades I can in my classes. I believe my work is a reflection of who I am as a person, so I try to apply myself in that way. 

Of course, my family and friends are the most obvious important things in my life, because they support me and help keep my spirit light. This year, I developed deeper friendships with others due to it being a better semester schedule-wise. I'm incredibly thankful for the time I'm able to spend with them and they really brighten up my life.

What does a day in the life of Emma George look like?

I usually attend morning mass, head over to breakfast, do some homework, and have class. I also tutor in the afternoon and work in the phone center in the evening. When I have free time, I often opt to hang out with friends, study a bit more, and go to the many events that are going on at Ave.

On the weekends, I like to sleep in! However, I have a Holy Hour I attend that makes me get out of bed and start the day in prayer.

How would you like to help out our world?

I like to follow St. Therese’s model of doing little things. Though sometimes I feel like it really isn’t enough, I think that I can make an impact with prayer.

I believe that little things like helping my siblings or friends with homework, going to volunteer once in a while, or listening to and supporting a friend in need can change the world around me more than I could imagine.