The Hidden Job Market


It’s getting to the end of January now, and seniors are going to be looking for jobs very intently.

Obviously, websites like,,, and many more will be very good places to start looking for jobs.

But what if I told you there were jobs that you’ll never find on any of those listings? In fact, most jobs that get filled are never actually publicly posted.

That’s right, there’s a hidden job market.

These jobs are jobs that aren’t advertised in the typical ways. Companies aren’t posting listings to fill them. Instead, they’re waiting for referrals or to hire internally.

So. How do you get into these jobs?

The first thing you can do to get into this hidden job market is pretty simple.
Networking. Companies may be willing to hire at career fairs, where they want to see what quality college students look like. They may be waiting for one of their employees to make a recommendation, because nobody knows what the job is like the way someone who already works there does. If you know someone in the industry, ask them if there are any openings available. Essentially, you are just trying to find where those openings are so you can get your foot in the door and have the extra boost in your application through a referral.

Another option is a little bit harder than simply networking, and yet, at the same time, is even easier. Reach out to companies that interest you. If you want to work for Amazon, but they don’t have any job listings available, visit the office, make a phone call, send a letter.

Do something to show that you’re interested in working for them. If they have the opportunity available, volunteer with the company. It gives you a chance to see what the company is like, meet some of the employees, and show that you’re interested in the company.

There’s a third part that can help with this as well.
Stand out. Show that you are a unique individual with skills and abilities that any company would find indispensable. Take the leadership role in the club. Take the time to volunteer around town. Put a little extra effort in your classes to graduate with some sort of honor.

Having all of these little things on a resume can really add up and make you stand out from the crowd. At your current job, exceed expectations. Be the kind of person that will get noticed. Your goal in the hidden job market is to get someone to say, “hey, my friend would be perfect for this position! Let me see if they’re interested.”

The hidden job market is by no means easy to tap into. You really need to put yourself out there, to really want the job you’re searching for. It might take a lot of time to find it, but if you keep reaching out and making contacts, you’ll discover that it really is out there.