Sophomore Success Intro

Wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to join the Sophomore Success program? Let me see if I can help..


I completed the Sophomore Success program my sophomore year (shocker), and I have to say I found it a helpful and worthwhile experience. My journey to find the course of study that was right for me(see my previous post on this page, “How To Find the Major That’s Best For You”) was quite the roller coaster! Nevertheless, one of the things that significantly guided me through that journey, and on the journey to finding a career path, was the Sophomore Success program. What I found was how to better search for the career path that bestsuited my personality, passions, and strengths. I encourage YOU to try it out!

I know the questions that are probably going through your head: “Do I have time for this? Will this really help me find a path? ANOTHER personality test?”

Okay. First, you certainly may have time for it. The program does not demand very much: two longer meetings bookending the semester, several short meetings with a mentor sprinkled throughout (time flexible), and very small weekly assignments - questionnaires basically. Not so bad, eh?

Second, while it may not give you the answer to life, the universe, and everything, but I found that talking through my hobbies, talents, and desires helped me get a better sense of what it was I was really looking for. It also provided a great avenue for advice and a good network for internships and career interests. Talking with someone who’s been there can ease some of the anxiety of the unknown that may be weighing on your shoulders.

Third, about that test… It’s not really a personality test. It helps identify your strengthsin the workplace or any situation in which you have to work with others. This is incredibly valuable information not just for working a career, but also for your time in college.

With that knowledge, I was able to apply myself to particular areas either in which I knew I would thrive or in which I saw could challenge my weaker areas. It’s all about knowing yourself!

It is important to be aware of your strengths and skills as you embark on post-graduate life so you know better how and where to market yourself. The Sophomore Success program is geared to this approach, not to mention that the faculty involved are extremely dedicated to helping you get a better sense of yourself. 

So, do you know what you want? Are you still trying to figure that out? The Sophomore Success program is there for you! Start heading in the right direction.