The Vocation of Work: How to Find Your God-Given Purpose

Last fall, I was confused. 

 I had two majors - Psychology and Health Science - and no idea what I wanted to do after graduation! I was hoping to find myself in a career that was mentally stimulating enough to keep me engaged, but not so vexing that I would become exhausted at the very thought of it. 

 I am pleased to tell you all I did find a path that I love, but only after major self-reflection. My problem was that I was choosing a career objectively, focusing on income and effort. It was not until I started thinking about what talents I possess, and where I felt God was calling me to be, did I find the right fit for me. 


When considering possible career paths, many of us tend to focus on what we want to do and not where God is calling us to be. I know this sounds cliché, but we are blessed with a variety of talents, gifts, and other dynamics that are vital to the workforce and the overall betterment of our world. We were given these talents for a reason - and few of us know why - but we do know what we are good at and how to use those skills. God gave us our skills for a reason, and it is our job to use those skills to help others in any way we can, and maybe somehow along the way determine what it is that God is calling us to do.  

Throughout my entire life, I was told to pray for my vocation. You know what I mean: lay person, married, religious, and so on. People tend to focus so much on these callings and completely disregard our vocation to work. Just as God has called us to marriage or religious life, he has called us to our work and careers. This may not seem as serious since it is possible to change careers, but no matter what path we choose, we still possess the ability to effect other people in immeasurable ways.  

God created all of us for a purpose, and it is our duty to uncover that purpose. He gifted each of us with our own special talents to help others. I think we can all agree that no matter what we do choose for a career it will contribute to society in some way, therefore, what we do is important. Each job was created due to some societal need, and often when choosing a career path, we choose based on our awareness of a need in conjunction with our skills. These needs are not always dramatic, like discovering the cure to cancer (but could be for some!), but seeing a need for educating children, helping the sick, raising your own children, or even helping people with their finances (I need this!).  

All jobs are important, and without one of the aforementioned roles filled, society would not be able to function. Since every position important, it is vital for us to consider God’s call when choosing a career path and plan, because he desires for us to aid others using our unique talents.  

 Through providence, we are tasked with answering God’s call and using our talents in the way He desires. The Holy Spirit Guides and empowers people to a life and work to which God leads them, and through answering the God’s call to the workplace a person is capable of helping others and discovering true happiness. This is so, because in answering God’s call and maintaining Christ in all aspects of our lives we are capable of finding true happiness.