Choose a Major or Career

Exploring majors and careers is the unique purpose of the sophomore year experience, especially as conducted through the Sophomore Success Program. Here is a brief overview of the process. If you are serious about choosing a major and career, email the Career Office for more information.


StrengthsQuest: A component of our Sophomore Success Program, this assessment reveals your top 5 traits so you can develop those into your skills.
Time: 30 minutes

My Next Move Assessment: A 60-question test that identifies personality traits and broad career categories where people like you have done well.
Time: 10 minutes

Sokanu: Create a profile that enables you to briefly assess your interests, goals, and skills in an interactive learning environment.
Time: 20 minutes

There are also a number of exploratory exercises available through the Career Office to better help you brainstorm ideas.

Explore Majors

Visit the resource What Can I Do With This Major? to learn about majors and typical career options.

Get involved with one of our major specific student organizations. Contact Student Life to determine if there is a student club or organization that meets your interests.

Choose between 34 undergraduate majors. Each of these pages has information on the program, curriculum, and career options.

Explore Careers

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is the best resource for first-timers who want to learn about broad categories of jobs. Info includes overviews of job duties, education requirements, salaries, occupation growth rate, and other important factors in evaluating careers. This is a good overview of broad groups of jobs all at once.

The Occupational Information Network, or O*Net, is your primary resource for finding different job titles within an occupation. Here you can search for jobs based on your interests, your skills, your abilities, and even categories like work values and activities. It also is home to the My Next Move Assessment, which can be a good starting point for examining occupations.

The CareerOneStop provides you with a detailed overview of occupation types, as well as similar titles, career videos, state and national trends, and training. It also provides access to many other resources around the web for you to read. You can compare different occupations as well as find information on local and national employment trends.

Appointments are available to discuss job titles, and we provide you with a number of personal exercises to help brainstorm possible career options. You can also attend the “How Do I Find My Career?” workshops every Tuesday to learn more.

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